Whiterun Guild Outpost is a location added by Hunting in Skyrim. It is one of the Guild's outposts.

There are several amenities that can be accessed, and if members have enough money in their pocket, they can contribute to the purchase of improvements. Work, such as collecting pelts or hunting contracts will be delegated to the guild members. Members are also encouraged to place trophies in the hall, in order to show the outside world what they are capable of. These trophies can be changed at any time.


In order to improve the Guild Hall, speak to Elberond after completing the Gain Jarl Approval questline.

Upgrade Cost Note Image
Floor tiles 1200
Firepit 1500
Shop 1800 This will require fulfilling a recruitment quest to recruit a hunter to be the merchant.
Dining area 3000
Merchant 0 This quest is only available if the previous merchant has died. It will repeat itself indefinitely.

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