Winterhold Rebuild
Winterhold Rebuild
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Winterhold Rebuild is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The mod allows the Dragonborn to help with the rebuilding of Winterhold. This mod was formally know as Qaxes Winterhold Rebuild.


Winterhold rebuild is a quest-driven mod. It takes you on a quest to help Avis, the new town carpenter, rebuild Winterhold. The Town will not be rebuilt right away, but will get built after the completion of quests. The mod adds the following:

  • New Voiced NPC Avis
  • A short quest line to rebuild Winterhold
  • Purchasable player home called Coldstone Manor
  • A new Housecarl
  • New merchants which include a blacksmith, apothecary and a new general store


Will not work mods that edit the four existing ruined houses of Winterhold, such as Expanded Winterhold Destruction.