Changelog for Wyrmstooth

1.0 Edit

- Initial Release on Skyrim Nexus

1.1 Edit

- Added an SEQ file to fix dialog bug. No longer need to save and reload a save for dialog to function properly.

1.2 Edit

- Removed an errant script on the dwemer elevator in the dragon's den that prevented it from being used.

1.3 Edit

- Fixed the roombound issue in the Hall Of The Dead.
- Fixed an issue preventing the use of crafting benches after controlling the draugr.
- Added voice acting for Lurius Liore.
- Added a jail interior to barracks.
- Added an imperial camp to imperial landing area.
- Fixed door to The Hermit Inn not appearing once the questline is complete.
- Goreduster now resurrects more powerful NPCs.
- Added a new world map for Wyrmstooth with new map markers.

1.4 Edit

- Fixed a problem that caused idle lines to override quest specific dialog.
- More object placement and lighting tweaks.
- Added the new location Cragwater Camp to the island.
- Redesigned the Wyrmstooth mine interior.
- SEQ file is now loaded from the BSA and not from a loose file.
- Added voice acting for Alberthor.
- Mercenaries now stay away from the player while Alberthor is casting the spell.
- NPCs no longer loiter at The Hermit inn indefinately.
- Athir, Daenlit and Shargam can now be hired after defeating Vulthurkrah.

1.5 Edit

- Added voice acting for Vulthurkrah and Theodyn.
- Added three new respawnable dwemer dungeons to Dimfrost.
- Fixed Dimfrost location and encounter information.
- Fixed more object placement problems.
- Various tweaks to quest scripting.
- Farm animals are now replaced once the town begins to rebuild.
- Daenlit is back to being a Wood Elf.
- Tweaked facegen data for the mercenaries.

1.6 Edit

- Added a new forest zone to the island.
- Added a new swamp zone to the island.
- Added a new glacier zone to the island.
- Added quest stage journal descriptions.
- Expanded the Wyrmstooth Mining Settlement.
- Added a new fort 'Fort Moonwatch' to the island.
- Added a new upgradeable player home 'Fort Valus' to the island.
- Fixed an issue that caused Vulthurkrah to return to Ancient's Ascent.
- Fixed more object placement problems.
- Fixed a potential crash at the Solitude docks caused by invalid navmesh.
- Fixed various other navmesh problems on Wyrmstooth.
- Fixed an issue that prevented Shargam from being recruited.
- Split Wyrmstooth Barrow into three separate interiors to resolve a memory issue.
- Fixed an issue that led to a trespass warning on the Red Wave.
- Fixed Dimfrost LOD land textures. Ground LOD was purple due to missing textures.
- Fixed Wyrmstooth object LOD textures. Some objects had incorrect an LOD texture.
- Fixed an issue that prevented Lurius from speaking after arriving at Wyrmstooth.
- Fixed an issue that prevented Vulthurkrah from exiting his den properly.
- Fixed various AI scheduling issues.
- The Dragonborn is now added to the East Empire faction before recruiting.
- Fixed an issue preventing Vulthurkrah from using shouts.
- Initial release on Steam.
- Added Fort Valus staff to unique faction to prevent possible conflicts.
- Fixed an issue that prevented Vulthurkrah from attacking during the final battle.

1.7 Edit

- Ambient music now plays correctly on Wyrmstooth.
- Added new music tracks for Wyrmstooth, Dimfrost and Wyrmstooth Barrow.
- Added a new side-quest 'Someone with Backbone'.
- Added a new side-quest 'A Howl Load of Trouble'.
- Added a new side-quest 'Retrieving Embersunder'.
- Added a new side-quest 'Robbed Blind'.
- Added a new side-quest 'Unwanted Guests'.
- Added a new side-quest 'Wrap Me Up'.
- Added a new side-quest 'Repaying a Debt'.
- Fixed an issue that caused the guards at Fort Valus to become hostile.
- No longer need to be bloodkin to recruit Shargam.
- Inserting goreduster into the slot now properly updates the journal.
- Additional quest markers for 'Barrow of the Wyrm'.
- Expanded Alberthor's role in 'Barrow of the Wyrm'.
- Added new shout 'Fiik Lo Sah' (Phantom Form) and 3 new word wall locations.
- Removed 'Boss' and 'Container' references to prevent radiant story assignment.
- Fixed a problem that allowed players to start the quest below level 10.
- Athir, Daenlit, Shargam and Elmera now have unique voice acting.
- Idle dialogue is now correctly configured.
- Reworked the Dimfrost worldspace.
- Added new Wyrmstone and Brimstone mineables.
- LOD resolution performance tweaks.
- Added map markers for travelling between Skyrim and Wyrmstooth.
- Fixed a camera issue when loading a save taken while controlling the draugr.
- Added update.esm dependency.
- Complete redesign of Fort Valus.
- Alberthor now ignores hostiles while casting the control spell.
- Tweaked occlusion around Wyrmstooth.
- Fixed a rare crash in Castle Dour Jail.
- Fixed a rare crash at Ancient's Ascent.
- Renamed script files with WT_ prefix to prevent clashes with other mods.
- Deleted redundant script files.
- Mod cleaned with TES5Edit.
- Added custom cloud layer to world map and tweaked camera positioning.
- The mercenaries now ignore all friendly fire from the player.
- Added playable instruments.
- Added new beverages.
- Added new harvestables.

1.8 Edit

- Fixed a navmesh problem near Cragwater Camp.
- Removed unused script references from Vulthurkrah and Thelma.
- Fixed issue with missing script file for playable instruments.
- Fixed several other papyrus errors related to errant script linkages.
- Added dialogue to skip mercenary recruitment stage.
- Gave Lurius several new lines of conversation dialogue.
- Fixed possible AI conflicts with Lurius when arriving at Wyrmstooth.
- No longer need to sleep on Red Wave to travel to Wyrmstooth.
- Fast travel map markers are now enabled upon arrival at Wyrmstooth.
- Fixed a problem with the water level activator in the Luminatory.
- Added a variety of new spells.
- Reduced audio distortion on Elmera and Shargam's voice acting.
- Fixed an issue preventing follower dismiss dialogue from appearing.
- Added random encounters around the island.
- Added a new camp 'Wanderers Camp' to the island.
- Added a new camp 'Chillbone Camp' to the island.
- Added a new camp 'Stormcloak Camp' to the island.
- Added several new roads around the island.
- Added more new harvestables.
- Reworked the glacier zone.
- Reading 'History of Wyrmstooth' now triggers Vulom's sidequest.
- Added a new dungeon 'Krakevisa Midden' to the island.
- Added a new dungeon 'Bloodfrost Burrow' to the island.
- Added a new grove 'Gronndal Grove' to the island.
- Added a new cave 'Blind Robbers Bluff' to the island.
- Added a new side-quest 'Blind Robbers Cache'.
- Added a new side-quest 'A Priceless Commodity'.
- Added more music and follower comment triggers.
- Fixed named reference that might've caused a crash in Luminatory.
- Polycount optimization in Luminatory to improve load times.
- Silver weapons can now be crafted and improved at a forge.
- Added nirnroot around the island.
- Added dragon events around the island.
- Removed duplicate and unnecessary references to improve performance.
- Solved bug associated with reading music files from archives.
Custom music has been added back into Wyrmstooth.
- Added 4 new miscellaneous objective quests.

1.9 Edit

- Fixed issue preventing new cure spells from appearing in spell list.
- Fixed erroneous script properties on playable lutes.
- Added a new dungeon 'Hermans Hold' to the island.
- Fixed issue with an unlootable steam centurion in the Luminatory.
- Removed cell ownership in Hall of the Dead to fix coffin labels.
- Removed silver weapon smithing and tempering that were added in 1.8.
- Removed unused effects.
- Fixed the scripting on and the contents of Fjeimir's Note.
- Fixed issue with a chair not upgrading properly in Fort Valus.
- Some more performance tweaking in the Luminatory.

1.10 Edit

- Made Wyrmstooth.esp a false ESM file (Nexusmods/Moddb Only).

1.11 Edit

- Fixed Lurius Liore's say once dialogue bug.
- Adjusted alchemy ingredient weightings.
- The Fort Valus cook, blacksmith and gardener now trade.
- Wyrmstooth music now plays inside Fort Valus, not dungeon music.
- Removed some ambient dungeon sounds from Fort Valus.
- Lorumend and Gundlof should now perform as bards.
- More locations are subject to random dragon attacks.
- Wyrmstooth.ini removed from package (Nexusmods/Moddb Only).
- The Fort Valus Common House interiors are no longer joined.
- Removed the prison rotunda from the Fort Valus barracks.
- Removed the unnecessary dwemer section from Frostvein mine.
- Implemented a prison system on Wyrmstooth.
- Removed errant door transition from the Mining Settlement.
- Some locations around Wyrmstooth are now clearable.
- Radiant quests can now be assigned to Wyrmstooth locations.
- Fixed errant location information on some cells.
- Most houses around Wyrmstooth now have shadowmarks.
- Added ambush behaviour to the dragons in the steampools.
- Reduced Imperials involved in final battle to improve performance.
- Wyrmstooth Barrow now has a named boss.
- Fixed Lurius and Theodyn sometimes not appearing in Bannered Mare.
- Reduced mob size in the Refectory to prevent possible crash.
- Followers may now be able to follow you into Dimfrost.
- Reworked some areas of Wyrmstooth Barrow, especially the refectory.
- Saeglopur farm is no longer totally abandoned per se...
- Hid a few treasure chests around the island.
- Added more follower comment triggers around the island.
- The miners at Gronndal Grove are now hostile to the dragons.
- Named unnamed relationships, deleted unused relationships.
- Fixed a few more navmesh and door portal issues.

1.12 Edit

- Door to Luminatory water elevator no longer slightly askew.
- Set minimum level for Wyrmstooth encounter zones to 10.
- Reduced Nighthunter's Locket value to make it easier to pickpocket.
- The Severed Leg can now be improved with Human Flesh.
- Some named Fort Valus staff can now be asked to follow you.
- Added a second elevator to Dimfrost.
- Faelor should now be able to enter buildings.
- Fixed spell absorption on Wyrmstooth's new conjuration spells.
- Reworked some portions of the Dimfrost sub dungeons.
- Goreduster can no longer can be sold or dropped.

1.13 Edit

- Fixed issue with Vulthurkrah's raise dead scene not triggering.
- Bloodfrost Burrow's boss vampire no longer enabled by default.
- Added additional enable trigger for Wyrmstooth map marker.
- Fixed script-related issue with a dead horse at the settlement.
- Fixed issue with legion carts not moving during final scene.
- Fixed issue with dragon aggression during final battle.
- Fixed issue with town not rebuilding after Barrow of the Wyrm.
- Added a thieves guild fence to The Hermit Inn.
- Added a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary player home.
- Fixed issue that could prevent the mercenaries from appearing.
- Reclaiming The Past starts if you enter any building at Fort Valus.
- Added new random events for the Wyrmstooth worldspace.
- Vampires no longer receive sun damage in Dimfrost.
- Arvak can now be summoned on Wyrmstooth and in Dimfrost.
- Residents now properly lock and unlock their doors.
- Sigur now walks to the correct bed when renting a room.
- Bulak now trades potions and ingredients.
- Fixed issue with spriggan matriarch not becoming hostile.
- Removed unused location: Cutpurse Crevasse.

1.14 Edit

- Fixed issue with random encounters returning NPCs to holding cell.
- Fixed issue that may prevent random encounter NPCs from travelling.
- Fixed issue with ship at docks disappearing.
- Fixed issue with new elevator shaft to/from dimfrost disappearing.
- Added a few new points of interest around the island.
- Added more conjure draugr spell tomes inside Wyrmstooth Barrow.
- Wyrmstooth now has (miserable) climate and weather most days.
- Added Crimson Nirnroot to Dimfrost.
- Fixed random event crowding.
- The mercenaries now sandbox-follow during Barrow of the Wyrm.
- Increased wordwall word pickup distance.
- Added sporadic lightning to the northern marsh.
- Lurius Liore is now excluded from bard audiences.
- Lava now does a heck of a lot more damage.
- Vulthurkrah now uses his own storm call instead of Alduins.
- Replaced generic Bandits with Marauders.
- The draugr could be killed by accident before Alberthor's spell.
- Fixed issue that prevented soldiers exiting the imperial carts.
- Vulthurkrah now resurrects the imperials that die in battle.
- Elmera no longer follows so closely during final battle.
- Added more new spells. Check Krakevisa for new spell tomes.
- The Marauder boss at Cragwater is no longer enabled by default.
- The draugr can now strike and kill things while controlled.
- Set up regions around the island.
- Added relationships to help mercenaries ignore friendly fire.
- Added Theodyn to random events to help him find you.

Big thanks to Arthmoor for the following:

- Fixed a bunch of papyrus spam due to bad trigger config.
- Fixed issue preventing weapon retrieval from plaques and racks.
- Fixed missing quest link on word walls.

And Sheson for the following:

- Fixed problem with wrong texture used on Emperor Parasol LOD.

1.15 Edit

- Fixed a couple map marker typos.
- Added lock lists to Fort Valus to support NPC schedules.
- Cure Poison is now an Adept level spell (as requested).
- Cure Disease is now an Expert level spell (as requested).
- Fixed Cure Poison and Cure Disease casting effects.
- Added Artisanix's Paintings and Frames resource.
- Added Blary's Ingredients Wall Art resource.
- Added new regional ambient sounds.
- Added a bunch of new custom modeled clutter assets.
- Added voice acting for many mining settlement NPCs.
- Fixed collision mesh on the Emperor Parasol mushrooms.
- Reworked the distribution of the Elf Cup harvestable.
- Did a bit more performance tweaking around the island.
- Fixed issue with door marker to The Hermit not on navmesh.
- Improved UVs on Emperor Parasol mushroom.
- Helmets worn by Marauders no longer labeled Helm of Yngol.
- Added more fire emitters to the mining settlement.
- Leone was incorrectly named Vontus. She wasn't happy.
- Added a few new dwemer convectors across Wyrmstooth.
- Added a new merchant with a large amount of gold to trade.
- Dead named NPCs now have their own coffins or urns.
- Dead named NPCs will now be cleaned up properly.
- Added debug door to holder cell in case scripted moves fail.
- Lurius & co getting hit repeatedly no longer results in crash.


- Lurius & co now in the DunPlayerAllyFaction instead of the
Player faction. This *may* fix issues caused by other mods
preventing Player faction members from speaking or that
make members of the Player faction hostile to each other.

1.16 Edit

- Bog Beacon ingredient renamed to Bog Beacon Asco Cap.
- Fort Valus staff are now marked as protected.
- Fixed inventory art for Cure Disease/Poison spell tomes.
- The 'floating' door at the imperial camp has been deleted.
- Slightly increased mercenary follow distance.
- Made the draugr overlords tougher.
- The new bird sounds should now have more volume variation.
- Lo...Sah changed to Lo ... Sah to conform with UKSP changes.
- The wall safe in the Fort Valus muster is now accessible.
- Fort Valus guards should now be more inclined to help player.
- Recompiled Ynglod Ironbender's barter script.
- Fixed unlinked weapon rack activators in Fort Valus.
- Added Lock List to Holder Cell to better track Lurius & co.
- Added a couple new triggered events around the island.
- Trespass dialogue has been fixed.
- Shouting at the sun in Dimfrost now triggers enemies.
- Added a few Ayleid ruins around the island.
- Added a certain ingredient with its associated recipe. ;)
- Added something kinda creepy to Herman's Hideout...
- Added a unique sunrise/sunset weather.

1.17 Edit

- Removed Boiled Manure recipe. Way too much immersion.
- Added Autosave points at key parts of the quest.
- Made a few cosmetic changes to the temperate region of the island.
- Made a few changes to the weather effects and lighting on the island.
- Added more unmarked points of interest around the island.
- Added a few transforming werewolves.
- Chillwater River now flows in the right direction.
- The northern swamp now uses proper marsh water.
- Added more harvestables around the island.
- Added underwater details around the coast.
- Reworked the design of a few locations.
- Rescue quests should no longer be assigned to Wyrmstooth locations.
- Added a second note to start the Blind Robber's Cache side quest.
- Added a fast travel marker for Dimfrost (enabled on initial entry).
- Properly aligned the Dimfrost worldspace with the rest of the island.
- If another mod deletes XMarker 0008F648, the mercenaries will now try
  to wait for you in The Deadman's Drink in Falkreath.
- If Lurius and Theodyn can't get to the Bannered Mare they will now
  try to wait outside in Whiterun market.
- Erroneous death items removed from NPCs.
- NPCS now use a unique voicetype to help solve the silent NPC problem.
- Cleared unused actor base selections and regenerated Facegen data.
- Widened hallways where possible in Wyrmstooth Barrow.
- The mercenaries will stop following the player if the player leaves
  the island before finishing the Barrow of the Wyrm quest.
- Added more traps to the dungeon and made them do a bit more damage.
- Fixed noticeable shadow banding on some shadow casting lights.
- Fixed misaligned roombound in Wyrmstooth Barrow crypt.
- Fallen Adventurers are now more varied in class and equipment.
- Proper persistence locations added to Wyrmstooth NPCs.
- Boss reference type removed from NPCs in non-clearable locations.
- Twinpeak Tower is now a clearable location.
- Dunyick now forcegreets the player when the player is nearby.
- A scene between the mercenaries about the shaft in the crypt now
  triggers correctly again after talking to Alberthor about it.
- Fixed a problem where sometimes Suleyk would be weaponless.
- Suleyk's mask is now a playable item with a unique effect. If a
  draugr is already aggro when you put it on just sheathe your sword.
- The guards at the mining settlement should now respawn if killed.
- Relocated the orcs from the mining settlement to improve fps.
- The Imperial Mining Settlement has been renamed 'Stonehollow'.
- The new location sound no longer plays when entering houses.
- Added a new orc stronghold 'Kazmalgur' to the island.
- Removed the playable instruments feature.
- Added a few new weapons and shields.
- Tweaked Vulom's repertoire of spells and fixed the visual effects.
- Rebuilt object LOD with TES5LODGen.
- Vulthurkrah now drops more loot and a unique sword on death.
- Added more treasure to the Blind Robber's Bluff treasure room.
- Balmir now uses the Chillwater sawmill properly.
- Reduced the volume of regional ambient sounds a tad.
- Elmera's sidequest has been enabled. Spiddal stick growing near
  an old Oblivion gate can be found somewhere on the island.
- Lurius no longer says 'meet me above deck' upon first arrival.
- Fixed the glow map on bog beacon and blue beacon plants.
- Vulthurkrah now has slightly more balanced level scaling.
- The Red Wave interior is now accessible from Wyrmstooth docks.
- Wyrmstooth no longer needs to modify anything in the Tamriel
  worldspace. This should improve compatibility with other mods.
- Players can no longer collect Lurius' reward multiple times by
  exiting dialogue before selecting the next response.
- Made a few more tweaks to the world map camera to match Solstheim.
- Fixed a problem ending A Priceless Commodity when killing the
  spriggan matriarch after vowing to kill the miners.
- It should no longer be possible for the Strange Mannequin to
  follow the player outside Herman's Holdout.
- Fixed a problem where sometimes the Wyrmstooth day/night soundtrack
  would play in Wyrmstooth Barrow and Dimfrost.
- Added a new intro scene that plays when you first arrive.
- Objective 'Defend Stonehollow from Vulthurkrah' now becomes active
  as soon as Vulthurkrah flies away.
- Holmar no longer shows up on the deck of the Red Wave at Solitude
  before you've started Barrow of the Wyrm.
- The steampool dragons now level scale a bit more fairly.
- Rebuilt land LOD at a higher resolution.
- Added a couple more load screens, tweaked models and conditions.
- Meshes checked with NIF Healer.
- Added a new island to the north-west with a few new locations.
- Radiant quests should no longer be assigned to Wyrmstooth locations
  before you've been to Wyrmstooth.
- Added an unmarked quest of sorts that starts at the new dockmaster
  house and eventually leads to a new location named Frostwind Folly.
  Follow the journals for clues.
- Built .gid files so grass renders correctly if bAllowCreateGrass is
  not set to 1 in the user's Skyrim.ini file.
- Fort Valus exterior pieces now have LOD properly configured.
- Made a couple changes to the book History of Wyrmstooth.
- Added more regional ambient sounds.
- Removed the Ayleid tileset.
- Removed duplicate and unnecessary Location Ref Type xmarkers.
- Regenerated SEQ file with TES5Edit.
- Fixed some land/ocean z-fighting along the coast.
- Fixed problem with mystery skeletons appearing in random locations.
- Added a new book 'Explorer's Guide to Wyrmstooth' that adds a few
  map markers for interesting locations.

Also thanks to AndrealphusVIII for the following:

- Fixed numerous typos.
- Alberthor's equipment now has proper ownership.