Yngvarr Unnvaldr
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Jason Axelrod

Yngvarr is a character in Falskaar and the main antagonist of the main quest.

He is the leader of the Unnvaldrs, a rival family which has been trying to seize power in Falskaar ever since they settled. 100 years ago, a peace treaty was signed which demanded that Yngvarr and the rest of his clan were to disband their army and stand down: this treaty was violated during the time when the Dragonborn entered through the mystic portal deep within Mzubthand. As leader of the Unnvaldr's, his home is Staalgarde, a large city on the east side of Falskaar, deep within the Emerald Valley

History Edit

Not much is known about Yngvarr, except that he holds a grudge against the Borvaldurs and - by extension - Jarl Agnar, because his family signed a treaty which demanded that the Unnvaldrs stand down and disband their army. He violated this treaty shortly before the Dragonborn passed through the portal in Mzubthand and blanketed the land with hired bandits.

Yngvarr wears a unique version of Ebony Armor that can be only obtained through Console Commands.

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